“Visionary is a self-fulfilling prophet. Don’t predict the future. Create it.”
- Leland Kaiser


1. group 800m run + 5’ free flow
2. 2 RNFT:
  suitecase/waiter carry ea
  L rope climb/legless rope climb/rope climb
  rack/waiter carry ea
  5 goblet squat
3. back squat 5-4-3-2-2-2-2
3a. 5@85%
4. partner GHR 3x5
5. 7’ amrap:
   AMRAP thruster @ 95/65
  *every time you break for more than 3" (bar on floor or non-movement must    complete) 7 pull up
*score is total thrusters


1. Ballast Crossfit Holiday Special! $250 for 3 months of unlimited Crossfit and 6 private sessions. That is about 83 dollars a month, a great deal! Spread the word.
2. 12DEC2015 - Cookies and Cleans…bring your favorite “cleaning” shoes and your best decorated Holiday Cookie!
3. 12DEC20015 - 1st Annual Ballast Crossfit Holiday Party - Please let Mike or Zach know how many people are coming. Wear your best “Holiday” sweater, bring your best dish and lets have some fun!