“If you are doing something you do not enjoy,
such as a certain type of work because you
need the money for school, your family, or whatever,
and find yourself complaining and feeling hard
done by, then you are enduring a life of conflict.
You either have to change your thinking or your job.
When you choose to do something for a certain
benefit such as money, complaining while you are
doing it is, of course, a waste of energy and time
and is self-destructive

-Philip Winkelmans



1. 5’ JR
2. 2 RNFT:
  3 strict T2b + 2 pull up + 1 bar muscle up
  5 ring push up
  5ea windmill
  5ea SL Glute bridge
3. 18’ to find heavy push press: 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1
4. 10’ amrap:
  20 double under
  10 wall ball
  3 muscle up

20 double under = 50 singles + 3 TnG tuck jump
3 muscle up = 3 c2b + 3 ring dip or 5 pull up + 5 push up


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