“Do you want to get bigger and stronger? Then do this: stop trying to
make training complicated. Forget about this theory and that theory.
Don’t over-analyze the situation. Quit wasting time on arid intellectual
debates. Leave the theorizing for the rest of the world. Go to the gym
and train.”
- Brooks D. Kubik



1. 400m run + 250m row + 15 singles R/L + 20 double under
2. work to heavy single TGU ea side
3. for time:
1 mile run
150 double under
2k row


Skills and Drills class is a built in semi-individualized programmed skill day. We all have things that we need to focus on at reduced speeds and intensity. Some need a bigger aerobic base, some need some work on the muscle up/pull up kip, and some need work on the turnover in the snatch; some need all, and Thursdays are the day to work on those skills with a coach.  Please have a conversation with a coach on how to go about better utilizing this day. While you’re at it, last time I checked you weren’t the most mobile :)….515pm is our mobility class led by Laura! Make Thursday your favorite day in the gym!