How many people go on with their day without an actual goal? How many just go through the motions to wake up and do it again? I know a lot of people, I SEE a lot of people in the gym, inside and out. It bothers me because people pay good money to train with us and some do NOT take full value of the coaching and atmosphere, they also don’t ever fully live. If one can’t test themselves, if one cannot find beauty in self-realization…one will waste a life. Self-enlightmentment, tearing down walls, and eventually growth… KNOW NO AGE. It doesn’t matter when the process begins, as long as it begins; this is known as THE WAY. Stop pretending and find yourself; find yourself with the iron and lactic acid in your body, but do not stop just because it is uncomfortable.


1. 2 RNFT:
 250m row
 200m run
 20’’ arm extended lateral plank
 5 burpee broad jump
 5 wall squat
1a. snatch technique (pockets, AK, shin)
2. 18’ to find heavy: hang power snatch + power snatch + OHS
3. for time:
 400m run
 500m row
 21 burpee to target
 400m run
 500m row
 15 burpee to target
 400m run
 500m row
 9 burpee to target


1. coaches warm up
2. clean from pockets/knee/shin + split jerk
3. 20’: hang clean + clean
4. 15’: out of rack double split jerk w/ 2’’ pause in dip


1. Ballast Crossfit Holiday Special! $250 for 3 months of unlimited Crossfit and 6 private sessions. That is about 83 dollars a month, a great deal! Spread the word.
2. 12DEC2015 - Cookies and Cleans…bring your favorite “cleaning” shoes and your best decorated Holiday Cookie!
3. 12DEC20015 - 1st Annual Ballast Crossfit Holiday Party - Please let Mike or Zach know how many people are coming. Wear your best “Holiday” sweater, bring your best dish and lets have some fun!