We think outside the box. We don’t follow the guidelines of someone else just because they are popular, like sheep. We hold standards not because we want to be in the cool kids crowd, we hold standards because there are RIGHT way to do things and then there is everything else. A squat is and always will be where feet stay flat on the ground and hips drop below level of knee. A pull up will always be a full lockout at the bottom and when the chin passes the entirety of the bar, a rep. And an EXCUSE will ALWAYS be an excuse. We only have ONE shot at this life and it’s too short to constantly make excuses for unhappiness, or why we’re overweight, or why someone succeeds and we don’t. Wake up, wake up and smell the coffee of self-realization. If you are currently not happy with where you sit then the path being followed needs to change and that CHANGE can only happen internally via you.


1. 5’ JR
2. 3 RNFT:
 7 banded KBS
 5 burpee pull up
 20’’ ring L sit
3. 20’ to find heavy: power clean triple  (no TnG)
3a. 3x5ea DBL KB/DB SL RDL
3b. 3x45’’ ring FLR
4. 21-15-9 for time:
  power snatch @ 75/55
  bar facing burpee

**tomorrow we might or might not have rope climbs :) so bring your special sock


1. coaches warm up
2. 4 RDL + 1 AK clean
3. out of rack: 2 front squat + 1 split jerk