“Memories and hope are not so different; one is “having done” the other is “to do.” Neither constitutes action. You are what you do; thus, if you do nothing, you are nobody. If you once did great things, you think you are great. You coast along on dead, preserved laurels, lifeless and wasting away.”

- Mark Twight



1. 800m group run
2. 2 RNFT:
bear crawl
crab walk
HS walk
1 rope limb
3. EMOM x 18’
1 - 2 TGU ea side 53/35
2 - 35-60 double under (or 70-100 singles)
3 - 5-8 strict pull ups (weighted if possible, partner if needed)

4. 10’ amrap:
200m run
2 rope climb
20 push up



1. Thanksgiving Hours
Wednesday, 25NOV2015 - 0930 & 1715 only, NO 1830hrs class
 **I repeat, no 1830 class on Wednesday
Thursday, 26NOV2015 - no class
Friday, 27NOV2015 - 1000hrs class only
Saturday, 28NOV2015 - 1000hrs class only

2. Saturday, 12DEC2015 - Cookies and Cleans
We are going to hold a themed workout starting at 1000hrs with the theme of Cookies and Cleans. Our training for the day will consist of mostly cleans followed by a Cookie contest. We want everyone to make some homemade Christmas cookies which will be judged at the end of the session and we will declare a winner! So get your weightlifting shoes and bake some Christmas joy! **After the Cookies and Cleans event (later that evening) we are going to have our Gym Holiday Party starting at 1600hrs. It is a potluck and we will have a signup sheet for people to volunteer a dish. Bring your best ugly sweater.