All are welcome. If you’re interested in how to look better, feel better, and perform better, our Seminar on Saturday is for you. Learn that maybe low fat high carb nutrition isn’t the Rx for Rx health. Learn that the early worm might not always get the worm. Finally Learn that the instagram videos and people you follow might not be the correct path for you. Please email to RSVP. 


1. group 800m run
2. 5’ free flow
2a. 2 RNFT:
  5 wall squat
  5 squat jump
  20’’ arm extended lateral plank
  3 strict t2b
  5 planche push up
3. Back Squat to 2RM
3a. 5@85%
4. 4 RFT: (18’ time cap)
    400m run
    21 wall ball
    9 ring dip

9 ring dip = 9 ring push up OR 9 box dips OR 15 push up