1. group 800m run
2. 3 RNFT:
  200m row (each set go a bit faster)
  5 wall squat
  20’’ lateral plank w/ arm extended ea side
3. Back Squat 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1
3a. 10@75%
4. “Elite 8 Incentive” (pays to be a winner)
ME 1k row TT

**in groups have people compete at 1k, in each group, the people who finish last will face off in the next round of a 500m…and so in for the next group to the 250m prize winner :)… It pays to be a winner


“Sometimes killing a fly with a sledge hammer is entirely appropriate. It doesn’t make the fly any more dead, but the rest of the flies sure sit up and take notice.”
- Sgt. Frank C. Ollis, USMC