Things come up, life deals shitty situations but you need to be able to do the best with what you got, and sometimes what you got isn’t much but that doesn’t mean you don’t give it


1. 5’ JR
2. banded hip distraction + OH thoracic mobility
2a. barbell w/u
3. 20’ to find heavy: Hng Snatch + Pwr Sn + OHS
4. 15’ amrap:
15 c2b pull up (12 for females)
12 OHS @ 95/65 (no dropping of 10’s or 15’s)
9 ring dip (6 for females)
100m run

c2b pull up = pull up OR 5ea SA BOR w/ pause at top of each rep w/ HEAVY
ring dip = can use SMALL band, if not, ring push up OR regular push up


We all struggle with the Snatch & the Clean and Jerk. Watch this video on the turnover of the clean with Coach B!