“We now know that lactate itself is not an acid (it’s a conjugate base- though the author would recommend the reader avoid making this distinction at parties lest he never be invited to another one), nor is any acid directly produced in the process.” - Alex Viada


1. 400m run + 250m row x 2
2. 5’ free flow
3. 2 RNFT:
  5 wall squat
  30’’ banded rack stretch
  5 ring row w/ pause at top
4. hang clean + 3 front squat (work to heavy in 20’)
4a. 3x5 partner GHR
5. for time:
  1k row
  75 thrusters @ 95/65


**We have added a 545am class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! There must be at LEAST two people signed up for the class for the gym to be open at 545am. Sign ups happen on our whiteboard, and need to be signed up by noon, the day prior. If you have any questions ask Mike or Zach**