The more the days, weeks, and months go by the more my stance on “fitness” changes. Hard lines become soft edges, and society proves to me that many can do many amazing things but are not WILLING to take that leap of discomfort to find their own WAY. Excuses will always be there just like a faster mile, bigger squat, or loss of adipose tissue (unless one is 5% body fat then you and I need to go eat some pizza and share some laughs). As a coach I want to see people come into the gym full throttle, but if the other 22-23 hours a day outside are not paralleled with as much focus and yearning for knowledge and self-enlightenment, then the 1-2 hours spent with me was merely a baby-sitting session. I appreciate the hard-liners with soft-edges because those are the people who have been on both sides and understand what it means to cross the bridge and burn what was behind you. 



1. group 800m run
2. 5’ free flow
3. 2 RNFT:
   5 planche push up
   3 strict t2b + 3 kipping t2b + 3 strict pull up
   5 wall squat
  10 split jump
4.20’ to find heavy: 2 front squat + 1 split jerk (from rack)
4a. 3 front squat + 2 split jerk @ 80% of part 3
4b. partner GHR 3x5
5. 15’ amrap:
  21 wall ball
  15 t2b
  9 push jerk @ 155/105


1. Ballast Crossfit Holiday Special! $250 for 3 months of unlimited Crossfit and 6 private sessions. That is about 83 dollars a month, a great deal! Spread the word.

2. 12DEC2015 - Cookies and Cleans…bring your favorite “cleaning” shoes and your best decorated Holiday Cookie!
3. 12DEC20015 - 1st Annual Ballast Crossfit Holiday Party - Please let Mike or Zach know how many people are coming. Wear your best “Holiday” sweater, bring your best dish and lets have some fun!