“Why is it that a guy with a 95 pound deadlift and 6 pull-ups
is the first to worry about developing his grip?”
- Coach Greg Glassman



1. 5’ JR
2. 2 RNFT:
  waiter/suitcase carry
  10 cal row
  rack/waiter carry
  3-5 SL box jump
3. hang power snatch 3-3-3-3-3-3
3a. AMAP @ 90% of 3
4. 18-15-12-9
   thruster @ 115/75
   box jump 24/20
   ring dip

t2b - weighted v up + 10’’ LHang
ring dip - can use light band


***reminder the gym is closed tomorrow because we are going to support our Ballast competitors at Poloraize Crossfit at 0930HRS. We are also going to get pizza at Mother Earth Brew Co. in Vista at 1830HRS to say goodbye to Jon and Lauren. 

2956-A Industry St, Oceanside CA - Poloraize CF

206 Main St, Vista CA - Mother Earth Brewco.