“You can be a coach, or you can be “Coach.“ The former is a title bestowed upon you by the certification process; the latter usually takes years of honing skills, relationships, methods, curriculum, and practical experience to achieve. And the idea that you can wander into an L1 Certification course just a CrossFitter on a Saturday morning and emerge Sunday afternoon as “Coach” is pure fantasy.” - PM (full article below in link)


1. group 400m run
2. 2 RNFT:
 7 banded KBS
 5 goblet squats
 3 burpee broad jumps
 20m HS walk
 30” banded glute bridge hold
3. clean 5-4-3-2-2-2-2
3a. 3x7 seated SA press
3b. 3x12-15 BB curl
4. 18’ amrap:
   60 wall ball
   30 cal row
   15 push jerk @ 135/95



1. coaches warm up
2. muscle snatch + snatch from pockets + OHS w/ 2’’ pause in bottom (10’)
3. snatch from pockets + lo hang power snatch + snatch (20’)