Dom during last years Memorial "Murph."

Dom during last years Memorial "Murph."

Coaches Warm Up


1. Banded Speed Bench Press

3x3 close grip @50%

3x3 regular grip @50%

3x3 wide grip @50%


1x5 adding 5lbs from last week


2. Conditioning

25 burpee buy in

25 ab mat sit ups

25 ring push ups

50 ab mat sit ups

50 ring push ups

100 ab mat sit ups

800m run cash out


3. Accessory Work

3x10 windmill with moderate weight


4x50ft single arm overhead walking lunge each arm


4 super sets 

12-15 dumbbell high pulls

20 banded tricep pull downs


6x6 static Y hold with 6" pause at top


1x100 banded bent over pull aparts