Warm up

800m group run



8 SLRDL with lateral hop

5 slow goblet squats with band around top of knees

5 single leg glute bridge with band around top of knees

45” banded ankle distraction

10 body weight Bulgarian split squats


5x5 at 90% of 5RM from friday

if you don’t know your 5RM you will do 90% of 90% of your 1RM

**for example 1RM=300 90% of 1RM=270 so 5x5 would be 90% of 270


4 RFT (15’ Time cap)

9 S2OH 185/115

40 Double unders

20” L-sit on rings/boxes

rest 45”



Extra Cedit

50 banded ab pull downs

50 alt. side knees to chest

50 supermans




L1 155/105

L2 135/95

L3 115/85



Double unders

2 rounds

20x5 TNG tuck jumps