Warm up

800m group run



200m row

3 TGU each side

5 each side sampson stretch

45” foam roll lat and tricep

5 scap pull up + 5 hollow to arch on bar


3 x 3’ AMRAP w/ 3’ rest

2 power cleans @225/155

4 C2B pull ups

8 burpee over the bar


 rest as needed


3x6 Y static hold on incline bench with 6 second hold at the top

**Lay face down on incline bench. Should be done with light weight (Like 5lbs).  Keeping your arms straight bring them out in front like the letter Y.


 3x8 each of lateral and front shoulder raises.

**You will alternate between lateral and front raises doing a total of 16 repetitions.  



Power Cleans

L1 185/115

L2 155/105

L3 135/95

L4 95/65


C2B Pull ups

L1 Pull ups

L2 Jumping C2B

L3 Jumping Pull up

L4 Ring row