Warm up

800m Group Run



10 goblet squats with band around top of knee

10 Sampson stretch

30” Sumo Squat stretch

8 windmill each side



5 rep back squat.  You will add 5lbs total from last week


3x16 walking lunge as heavy as possible



5 Power cleans 155/105

10 ring dips

15 toes 2 bar

20 wall balls



Power cleans

L1 135/95

L2 115/85

L3 95/65

L4 75/55


Toes 2 Bar

L1 Toes 2 Ring

L2 Knees to chest/armpit

L3 Ab mat sit ups


Ring Dips

L1 ring dips with small band

L2 ring dips with feet on a box or ground

L3 box dips

L4 push ups/Box push ups