Warm up

200m row

5 scap pull ups

10 Banded pull aparts

30” L-hang


then…1’ handstand hold or max which ever comes first



10’ EMOM 4 weighted pull ups 


**If you do not have weighted pull ups you will do 5x8 inverted rows with 1’ rest in between each set


3x12 single arm bent over row


10RFT(20’ Time Cap)

1 squat snatch 185/115

2 Muscle Ups

4 Strict HSPU



Squat Snatch

L1 155/105

L2 135/95

L3 115/85

L4 95/65


Muscle Ups

L1 Bar Muscle Up

L2 3 strict C2B/Pull up

L3 3 banded pull ups + 3 BOR with barbell weight

L4 ring row



L1 DB/KB strict press