Coaches Warm up

Warm up

200m Run

8 Windmills each side

10 Banded pull aparts

10 Hollow rocks

5 Perfect push jerks with empty barbell


1:00 handstand hold or max effort which ever one comes first



7x1 Behind the neck split jerk



Teams of 2 (relay style)

4 rounds

5 bar muscle ups

25ft handstand walk

5 Power cleans @155/105

25ft handstand walk



Bar muscle up

L1 7 C2B

L2 9 Pull ups

L3 7 C2B with band

L4 9 pull up with band

Handstand walk

L1 2 box walks (alt. directions)


L2 2 Wall walks

L3 Bear Crawl

Power Cleans

L1 135/95

L2 115/85

L3 95/65

L4 75/55