Warm up


200m row

8 SLRDL with empty barbell

10 supermans

10 banded lat pull downs

30” glute squeeze (I want you to squeeze your glutes as hard as you can for 30 seconds)



1 RM Sumo Deadlift

3x12 barbell hip thrusters

3x8 deficit rounded deadlifts 4 inches for everyone

**This should be done with a light weight while standing on a 45lb weight.  The objectives is to deadlift the bar up and slowly lower down the barbell rounding at each vertebrae.  This is not for maximal load and should be no straining.  You will slowly will roll back up rounding at each vertebrae till you are fully extended at the top.  DO NOT BE STUPID!!


***These can be used for increasing strength in the spinal erectors and can create great body awareness.

Quick Dynamic Warm up

1 Mile timed run

**We’ve been doing sprints for about the last month and I know sprints aren’t sexy.  But for those of you who showed up for the sprints I want you to get after it on this and hopefully we will see some PRs at the finish line.