2RNFT 200m run 10 Front Squats with a PVC w/ Band around the top of the knees 5 strict pull ups 8 Goblet squats 50ft monster walk(band around the ankles or stepping into band with feet shoulder width apart)

Strength 6x2 Front Squat

3x10 weighted DB/KB box jump @ 20 inches for everyone

3x8 Partner Banded GHR

3x50ft death march with DB/KB

12’ AMRAP 5 Round buy in 10 Toes 2 Bar 40 Double Unders Max squat cleans @195/125 in remaining time

Scales Toes 2 Bar L1: Toes 2 ring L2: Knees to Elbow L3: 15 Knees to chest L4: 20 Abmat sit ups

Double Unders 3 Burpees + 20 singles x4

Squats Cleans L1: 185/115 L2: 155/105 L3: 135/95 L4: 95/65