Warm up


30 double unders

6 each single arm bent over row

6 windmills each side with DB or KB

10 banded clams each side


Find a heavy triple push jerk from rack


7’ AMRAP (Climb the ladder)

3 C2B

3 Deficit HSPU 4”/2”

20 Double Unders

6 C2B

6 Deficit HSPU

20 Double unders 4”/2”

9 C2B

9 Deficit HSPU 4”/2”

rest 5’

“For Time”(10’ Time Cap)

50 ring dips 



L1: Pull Up

L2: Jumping C2B

L3: Jumping Pull Up

L4: Ring rows

Deficit HSPU

L1: HSPU w/ no deficit

L2: HSPU with multiple ab mats

L3: Strict Press with DB/KB

L4: push up on a box

Double Unders

20 High jump singles

Ring dips

L1: ring dip with small red band

L2: 50 DB Roll Backs