Warm up

800m group jog


10 burpee pull up

9 push up

8 jump squats

7 hollow to arch on the bar 

6 horizontal ring rows

5 strict toes 2 bar

4 strict pull up

30” plank hold

2 clapping push ups

1 small step for gains



1 RM floor press


4x6 each standing single arm press


4x8-12 flat bench row


4x20 each side rear delt raises on the floor


**The accessory work should be done with one movement at a time being complete before moving onto the next one.  Optimal effort should be put into each accessory work.  We should be going as heavy as we can but never failing.


6 rounds

9 strict pull up

9 strict ring dips


**If efficient and able to do both movements then go 9 rounds





pull up-

L1: pull up with a band

L2: strict ring row with feet elevated

L3: strict ring row


ring dips-

L1: small red band only

L2: push up

L3: box push up

L4: push up with a band




Coaches Warm up


“Hit and Catch Drill”


find a heavy double snatch from blocks AK


5x5 muscle snatch


5x5 sotts press